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Ben appeared in the (short lived) Beatles based West End Musical, “All you Need Is Love” in 2001


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Watching The time of the doctor the end on good friday

My sister animeandfilmotaku


When I saw Matt change to Pete

(Yes I was bowing at the TV for that because they show Capaldi in an awesome way)

It is totally awesome to see Capaldi in HD and in the television

I thought that I will never survive it cuz the time of the doctor was telecasting on good friday but it was amazing

#the time of the doctor  #My emotions need to be GIFs  #doctor who  #good friday  #peter capaldi  #Matt Smith  #shit beth said  #silly stuff that i have to said  #FANGIRL MOMENT xD  #nonsense  #nonsense stuff 


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Eastern Orthodox Palm Sunday celebrations


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Meme time :D

Hi i am tagged by missmusicaltardis aka Maresa,since it’s good friday,I’ll be good by doing this meme

1. Put your itunes on shuffle and what is the song that plays?

Go To The Distance by Michael Bolton XD

2. If you had to listen to only one song your entire life what would it be?  

1000 reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman,It’s kinda of the life song of my life,the lyrics are fantastic :)

3. What is your favorite movie/tv show snack?

Popcorn,Japanase Rock Candy,Choc digestive biscuits recently yuzu tummies bought by my mom from Japan

4. What gif best describes you when you are annoyed or angry? 

One spectrum is  Cardinal Richeliu

or Ben Forster

*As I was searching for  the stage photography that I want to put for this meme,My flickr decided to go for a yahoo account instead of google,I’m this face on that

5. What is the last episode of a show that you watched?

Day Of The Doctor with my sister animeandfilmotaku,it’s crazy and we scream like warring eagle thought out the whole thing XD

6. What quote from a movie/tv show best describes you?

It’s tough but I love this quote from Aramis from the musketeers

"The God I believe in stands for love, not cruelty"

Best line from Amaris ever :D

7. What is your favorite outfit to wear?

It’s my tardis blue dress,it not only girly and love the shape and everything about it

8. What is your favorite color?

Pink XD

9. Have you ever flown in a plane?

Yes but it’s the sleeping issue wish ecomcy class have more comfy seat-bed

10. What do you want to accomplish in your life?

Do stage photography 

11. Describe yourself in one gif. (stole this from the last person because I think it’s funny)

That’s me in general 

Ok people I’m done with that now I pass the meme to the others















10 questions for the chosen ones

1.What your music choices are?

2.What clothing style do you want to wear in real life

example I want to dress girly with some edge,all the modcloth clothes and 1950s

3. For my christian followers,what is your life verse(This is not applied for the non christian followers)

4.What is your favourite reaction gif?

5.What is your favourite musical

6.For my christian followers,since it’s Good Friday,what is the earliest memory on Good Friday service

7.Favourite Easter food or snack

8.If you choose one vintage piece in a yard sale,what is it

9.Favourite artist or art history period

10.What song do you want to play on your wedding or any happy occasion :D

Enjoy this meme that I passed to you

#meme  #getting to know me  #personal 


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Joseph Mawle - The Passion . 2008

#bbc the passion  #the passion  #joseph mawle  #photography  #Photo inspiration :)  #inspiration  #movie  #movie inspiration 


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The Passion

Thanks to my evil sister animeandfilmotaku for liking this picture for me,Love the shot here :D

#inspiration  #photography  #Photo inspiration :)  #movie  #movie inspiration  #joseph mawle  #bbc the passion  #the passion 


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Hot-water bottle and felt slippers …

Jim desperately trying to get warm during the shooting of The Passion. It must have been terribly cold in Italy when they were shooting there from November 2002 till March 2003.

#inspiration  #movie  #movie inspiration  #photography  #Photo inspiration :)  #the passion of the christ  #Jim Cavzieal 


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Guillaume Courtois (Il Borgognone), The Blood of Christ, late 17th century

#inspiration  #artist inspiration  #art  #art inspiration  #art history 


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Even when battered and dirty - to me these are the most beautiful hands I have ever seen.

photo: Philippe Antonello

#inspiration  #photography  #Photo inspiration :)  #movie  #movie inspiration  #the passion of the christ